Cranberry Sauce With Chiles Recipe (2024)



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I have never heard of the chiles listed in the ingredients. Assuming they are dried, can I substitute red crushed pepper?


This was a huge hit both times I made it. The second time I doubled the amount of chiles for extra heat. We liked the lime garnish so much that I stirred lime zest into the sauce when it had finished cooking. Next time I am going to make extra and can what we can't eat.


I couldn't get piquins anywhere here in the north country. I had to use handful of habañeros and a pimiento which I know aren't near the same. It was still wildly popular. I had a little leftover which went into my lunchtime peanut butter sandwich. It was joyous. Don't judge.


Add grated ginger.
Stir in ginger and chiles after removing from heat so as not to moderate their effect.

Emily Thorn

Added a whole jalapeño, and a bit of hot NM green chiles. Used orange juice instead of sugar. I am New Mexican, and I love this variation on cranberry sauce.


Excellent---stir in a handful of roughly-chopped cilantro before serving. YUM.


In household of cranberry sauce fan(atics) this may be one of all time favs. Too lazy to grind pequin chiles, I subbed approx. 1/4 tsp cayenne. Not as complex flavor as pequin or as many Scovilles for heat but a good option. Also used a big pinch of ground cloves rather than grinding own for that. We prefer cranberry sauce more tart so skimped just a bit on the sugar. All perfect for us. Next time may simmer 2 whole pequins in at cook stage then remove them at cool down. An easy keeper!


Even my husband, a lifelong resident of New Mexico who dumps chile piquin on practically everything he eats, wasn't taken with this recipe. I think the heat overpowers the taste of the cranberries. I'll return to my tried and true with crystallized ginger which gives it a bit of a bite. Glad I tested it two weeks before T-Day.


It's fine to use more available peppers such as fresh jalepenos or serranos. Just chop in anything; it will be very good.


Make that "Dried Bird Chiles" from Frieda's.


I used two dried Italian peppers, crushed, and only 1/2 cup of raw turbinado sugar. Everything else stayed the same and it was to die for. So so good.


This was our favorite. I used common Crushed chili peppers. (Also made the classic cranberry sauce, cranberry relish - my previous favorite, and a cranberry sauce with frozen cherries from Nom Nom Paleo). This one uses much less water and sugar, yet it has a zing from the chilis and citrus. Makes me wonder about doing an entire Mexican flavored Thanksgiving with Turkey and stuffing, etc, but with some Mexican spices and flavors.


I am currently stirring this pot as the sauce cools and with every pass, I’m taking tiny samples. I was unsure about even making cran sauce but upon seeing a cranberry stand at my farmers market I knew it was my destiny to make this. Taste after taste I stand here, giddy with excitement, thinking about how each bite will have touched this sauce. Sigh, so good.NOTES: Followed the recipe with 1/2 ts pequins and the whole 2ts of lime zest for the sauce. Will garnish with more later. Not so spicy.

Laura Bierema

What are the cloves of?




I had some Perin peppers, so this was a great find. I didn’t have an orange, but substituted Grand Marnier for the water to get a bit of orange flavor. It turned out delicious. I love the subtle kick.


I substituted some with some random dried hot peppers from the garden, but otherwise followed the recipe. This is absolutely delicious - the perfect amount of heat mixed with a nice blend of citrus and spice.

Anne L.

Brings new meaning to the term "awesome sauce". Will definitely make again!

Miss Cardinal

So good. More interesting and flavorful than plain cranberries. I only had one bag of cranberries. Halved the recipe, and put in 1/8 tsp of Cayenne powder, next time I'd put a little more. Also threw in some some candied ginger.


Got almost done adding every when I realized I forgot to buy an orange. Subbed in lemon zest. I would guess it is better to use orange but this was still really really good. Will use this recipe again!

Paul Woolf

The best!! Great combo


Could I can this cranberry sauce for later use? It was delicious and would also make a good present.


This was good, but I had to add 20 chile pequin before the heat really came through.


1/2 tsp of crushed chillies wasn't enough.Needs more than 3/4 cup sugar (but probably under 1 cup).

Emily Thorn

Added a whole jalapeño, and a bit of hot NM green chiles. Used orange juice instead of sugar. I am New Mexican, and I love this variation on cranberry sauce.

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Cranberry Sauce With Chiles Recipe (2024)


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