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If you are looking for the perfect punch recipe you have to try this Applewood Julep. It is my favorite. This is the Applewood restaurant recipe and it is so refreshing to enjoy.

I just was in Gatlinburg, TN this past week and I LOVE the APPLEBARN!! They serve this with every meal. It tastes delicious and is a family favorite at breakfast and brunch at our house. Applewood Farmhouse Grill and Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant are the best places I have eaten in a long long time!

It has been a favorite of mine over the years and I often order AppleBarn Pancake Mix for Christmas Eve morning. It is the best home cooking ever! The chicken and dumplings are to die for! I recommend everyone eat there that visits Gatlinburg, TN, or the surrounding areas.

Be sure to give this punch recipe a try. It is perfect with breakfast for for a holiday. I love to make it for bridal showers and it is so refreshing in the summer.

Applewood Julep

The Applewood Julep tastes delicious and is a family favorite at breakfast and brunch at our house.

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Applewood Julep - The Perfect Punch Recipe (2)


  • 1 qt unsweetened apple juice
  • 1 cup unsweetened pineapple juice
  • 1 cup orange juice the picture above has 2 cups orange juice in it
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice


  • Mix and serve over ice!

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Applewood Julep - The Perfect Punch Recipe (4)

Shelley King

Shelley is a boy mom, marine wife, and is blessed with an amazing family. She loves sharing recipes, travel reviews and tips that focus on helping busy families make memories.

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  1. We love that place, too! Now I am craving it…and you know how those pregnancy cravings are!!! 🙂


  2. Awwwww… we love it too. We actually got married beside the creek across from the restaurants. Your post made me smile just thinking about it. I have never left either restaurant disappointed with the food we had. It is a must stop every time we are in the mountains. Thanks for the recipe, maybe it will help get me through until this fall! Have you ever tried to make their chicken and dumplings?


  3. I haven’t tried those! I make them the way my Grandma did and that is not far from theirs!!!! Loved your comment! I got married in Gatlinburg and the Apple Barn always makes me smile!!!


    1. We were married 2/08/2020.we drove to gatlinburg for our honeymoonloved apple fritters. Kurt loved the apple julip. I want to make both
      . From peru i dians


  4. I think this will go great opposite of your Hot Cranberry Punch at our Christmas Eve family get-together. Thanks.


  5. This looks so easy and I have everything at home. Should maybe try this for my next party.


  6. I have got to make this one!


  7. Love the Applebarn! It’s a must stop for us when we visit the Smokies.


  8. My magnet I bought down there many moons ago says to use unsweeted apple and pineapple juices. I love that place. We go to the Smokies every year and eat there at least once every time. I love the fried chicken, green beans, fritters, soup, etc. I have not fount anything I do not like.


  9. We went for the first time last week on Spring Break. Do you have a recipe for the applesauce muffins? My son loved those!


  10. pinned it


  11. I did love it!!


  12. Sounds refreshing and tasty!!


  13. Looks good, thanks for sharing at the #WWDParty.


  14. I just got back from Gatlinburg a few days ago. We took 16 people with us for my nephew’s 21st birthday. We have been going down there at least once a year for the past 41 years. We always go to Applewood Farmhouse for their delicious country meals. Thank you for the recipe for the Applewood Julep. By the way, I noticed they don’t serve fried biscuits anymore. We really loved those with our meal.


    1. They don’t serve fritters???


  15. This looks good-especially with the pineapple in it:)


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Applewood Julep - The Perfect Punch Recipe (2024)


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